Self-portrait, 1991


Todd was born June 22, 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brookfield High School graduate 1973. Kidney transplant July 31, 1975. Two brothers, three sisters.  His brother John gave him his kidney, as Todd was born with just one. After high school, he spent some time at the Milwaukee Area Technical College before attending the Milwaukee Center for Photography, graduating in 1979.  Married July 10, 1982.

Todd had many solo and group exhibitions in the late 1980's before opening a successful gallery in Milwaukee. He ran Silver Paper Gallery from 1990 to 1996 before closing it to focus on his own work. 

He moved with his wife to rural Madison County, North Carolina in 1999. Here he continued to photograph, develop and print.

He was one of the longest living kidney transplants, thirty-seven years, but eventually the anti-rejection drugs took their toll. He died September 14, 2012.